Bills will be rendered monthly and shall be paid in our office, by mail, online or by phone.

Payments received by mail must be postmarked by the USPS on or before the scheduled due date, or the penalty will apply.

Failure to receive bill does not release the customer from payment obligation.

The due date for payment of the bill will be the date marked on the bill. After that date, it is considered delinquent and the penalty will apply.

Payments made after the due date will be subject to a late charge of 5% of the bill excluding other charges and sales tax for residential customers. The late charge is 5% on the first $250.00 of the bill plus 1% of the remaining amount, excluding other charges and sales tax.

If the bill is not paid by the due date, the customer will receive a late notice detailing the amount owed plus the penalty amount, as well as the grace period allowed. Payment must be received by that date to avoid interruption of service.

Failure to receive the late notice does not release the customer from payment obligation or interruption of service.

A $25.00 returned check fee applies to any account that has a check returned to us by the bank for any reason. After two returned checks, checks will no longer be accepted for payment.


If services are terminated for non-pay, there is a $40.00 charge for reconnecting the services.

This fee must be paid in our office with cash or money order only during our normal business hours in order for the services to be reconnected on that business day.

Any customer reconnected by our after-hours service will be subject to an additional fee not listed above.

If services are terminated for seven days, the customer's deposits will be applied to their delinquent bill and the account will be considered closed. Should the customer request to restore services after this point, they will be considered a new customer. They will be responsible for any delinquent balances, and may be subject to a deposit increase.