Round-Up Program

What is the Round-Up Program?
The Round-Up Program rounds the customer’s monthly bill up to the next highest dollar amount.  The difference is used to assist the less fortunate in our community.  For example: If the bill is $44.75, the bill is rounded up to $45.00. The contribution for the month is 25 cents.
Why did BEA decide to do this?
This is our own version of Operation Round-Up.  Many utilities in our area are implementing similar programs.  It is apparent that many residents in our area face economic hardships and have trouble paying their utility bills when the weather is extremely hot or cold.  The money raised from the Round-Up Program has a great, positive impact within our community. 
How does it affect my bill?
Customer's bills are rounded up to the next whole dollar amount.  For example, if a member's electric bill is $49.25, it rounds up to $50.00. The extra 75 cents is set aside for a worthy cause.  This shows up as a separate item on your utility bill. 
Does every bill amount round up to the next dollar?
Yes.  A $99.01 bill and a $99.99 bill both round up to $100.00.  The amount varies from person to person but no one contributes more than $11.88 a year. 
Do I have the choice to participate?
All new customers are automatically enrolled in the Round-Up Program when service is established.  However, if you do not wish to participate, please contact Brownsville Energy Authority at 731-772-8845 and we will remove you from the program immediately. 
What if I decide later that I no longer wish to participate?
You can exclude yourself at any time, and you can have your contributions refunded up to 12 months retroactively.  In other words, you can wait a year to see what you think about the program, and if you decide not to participate, your contributions, for up to 12 months, will be credited back to you. 
Why is participation not voluntary from the beginning?
It's voluntary in a sense that the person can choose to be excluded.  We chose to make the Round-Up Program an "opt-out" program in hopes that more customers will choose to stay in with the program. 
What if I already participate in Project Help?
Our generous customers who participate in Project Help donate additional funds monthly for the specific purpose of helping the needy pay their utility bills.  The Round-Up Program funds are intended to help families in extreme situations or emergencies.  We hope that those who participate in Project Help will continue their contributions, and, of course, participate in the Round-Up Program as well. 
Will all types of customers be affected...even Industrial and Commercial?
Yes.  All Customers are eligible to participate in the Round-Up Program.
How much money does this raise?
Approximately $2,500.00 per month. 
Who decides how the money is used and which causes will benefit?
Vision Haywood will be making these decisions.  They are an organization that provides assistance to those in need.  All of the Round-Up contributions will be used to help customers with their utility bills. 
How does one learn about applying for these funds?
Contact Vision Haywood at 731-779-0909. 
Are the Round-Up contributions tax deductible?