Electrical Permits

Electrical Wiring Permits are sold in our office during normal business hours (7:30AM-5:30PM; Monday-Friday).

Homeowner’s may purchase an electrical permit once per year to perform electrical work on their own residence. However, if the permit does not pass inspection, a licensed electrician with proof of licensure must purchase another permit. Rental property is excluded, and requires a licensed electrician to obtain a permit.

* A list of licensed electricians in Haywood County may be found in our office.

The electrical inspector comes to our area on Tuesdays. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify BEA by the close of business on Monday that a permit is ready for inspection.

Electrical service cannot be provided until an approved electrical inspection is made.


Permit Fees are as follows:

 Temporary Service (61-200 amp):


 Rough-In Inspection:


 Final Inspection:
61-200 amp


 201-400 amp


 401-600 amp


 601-1000 amp


 1001 amp & higher

Permit cost is negotiated with
State Deputy Electrical Inspector

 Service Release:

 Fee is based on service size



Permit Fee: